“I have used several trainers and group training programs and by far, Min is the best trainer in the Northern Virginia area.  I have worked with Min twice per week for four years and my entire family (husband and three tween girls) all work out with Min weekly.  Her variety of workouts is like no other trainer;  she is constantly creating new workouts that use a variety of muscle groups for a total body workout.  She has also been able to adjust workouts when injuries arise.  Her focus and professional attitude is like no other trainer I have worked with, and I have lost almost 40 pounds under her guidance, and kept it off for three years with her support.  Min is definitely huge piece of our family’s overall health!”

-- Karen C. - Oakton, Virginia

“I am a very difficult person.  I will be the first to admit it.  Yet Min was incredibly good at keeping me motivated.  She also takes a complete approach and guides you in better eating habits.  You don’t even see it coming, she just sneaks it all in while you are working out but constantly gives you tips and advice for eating and living better.  She has a low threshold for excuses, so you need to commit.  But if you do, and you follow her instructions, you will get healthier quick.  I lost 10 lbs. in a month and a half.  No starvation, just better eating and hard workouts.  And she is so nice and friendly you can’t even be mad at her for the soreness after the first few workouts.  If I still lived in the area, I would still be using her terrific services.  I feel so much better after the workouts that I would go without cable before I would go without her workouts. To be fair though, after working out and feeling healthier, I don’t really want to hang out in front of the TV anyways :)”

-- Dallas R. - Richmond, Virginia

“My daughter and I both worked with Min in her home gym – our first time using a personal trainer.  My daughter’s goals were to lose weight and tone up problem areas.  My goal was to build core strength to assist with severe back pain I was experiencing.  Min designed workouts that fit both our needs.  She was very encouraging as we learned new exercises – she provided gentle corrections, and the reason for the corrections.  We also laughed A LOT at my many awkward miscues – Min made the work outs fun!  Her work outs were challenging but not grueling.  I appreciated that Min was always mindful of my back issues but still pushed me to challenge myself.  My daughter and I both achieved our goals – she lost weight and inches, and I was able to function without back pain.  We left Min with confidence in our physical appearances and in our ability to challenge ourselves in areas we didn’t think we could do.  I highly recommend Min – especially if you are new to the fitness world like I was!!”

-- Jan J. - Chantilly, Virginia

“Min is the first personal trainer I have ever had. I worked out with her for almost 12 months. It is not an exaggeration to say that she changed my life and my way of thinking about health.

She is not only professional, incredibly knowledgable about exercises, movement, anatomy but she also has an incredible energy and spirit that could motivate anyone. In my 1 year with her, I worked out an average of 2 times per week. Min diversifies the workout so that you’re rarely doing the same thing. The variety of her workouts is awesome and she knows how to tailor a workout to the person in front of her. She pushes you with an intensive workout, but she never pushes you so hard that it feels like you don’t want to go back. She knew exactly where my limits were and was able to back off just the right amount to keep me motivated.  Also, she’s clearly very, very knowledgeable on the subjects of not just exercise but nutrition as well.

On the human aspects, Min is a pleasure to be around, her energy is very positive, always very polite and patient. She is genuinely invested in every person she trains. It never feels like you’re the next client on her worksheet. She’s never taking phone calls, checking texts, or looking off into the distance.  She’s there with you 100%.

I would enthusiastically recommend her to anybody reading this who needs a fantastic personal trainer. To be trained by Min is truly a gift – she has the ability to inspire change in others. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-- Anita A. - Fairfax, Virginia

“My husband and I started working out with Min last year – and it’s been phenomenal. We came from opposite ends – he wanted to bulk up and I wanted to trim down, so how Min managed to help us both attain our goals together never ceases to amaze me. Min makes working out fun and easy – sometimes I find it hard to believe I have achieved such great results while having so much fun. It is a testimonial to Min that both my husband and I have been able to stick with the routine she gives us and attain the goals we set for ourselves. I love the fact that I can now wear clothes I couldn’t fit into earlier and that it will only get better she’s a true gem!”

-- K & D - McLean, Virginia

“I have been training with Min since 2011 when I turned 60 years and I am so happy I choose her. I’ve become stronger, more confident and have improved my endurance and posture. She is a very dedicated trainer who stays current with new exercises and techniques. Her exercise area includes the latest equipment with plenty of alternative options for varying levels of need. She is motivating, personable, funny and enjoyable to be around. She focuses on each client with a one-on-one approach in an environment without distractions. If you are looking for a trainer that will listen to your needs, while helping you reach your desired fitness goals, Min is the trainer for you.”

-- Suzan - South Riding, Virginia

“I have been a client of Min’s for the past two years. As a result, my physical strength, endurance and flexibility have improved remarkably. I feel fit. Min is a conscientious trainer who is careful to accommodate my exercise needs in a first class fashion. She mixes up the program frequently which tests me in the most positive way. She gets a special gleam in her eye when she comes to our sessions with a new workout plan! She is gentle and quiet with a strong work ethic and makes my training interaction with her a real pleasure-sweat and all-with wonderful results.”

-- Nancy Griffith - Fairfax, Virginia

As a 45 yr old breast cancer survivor, I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 5th year of being cancer free – the 26+ Exercisemile Avon 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer in May. When I made that decision last fall, I was fiercely determined but I had no idea how I would be able to make that dream a reality. I was walking a day or two a week, but I was out of shape and I knew that nothing I had done in the past would get me ready for this challenge. When a friend referred me to Min, I wasn’t sure if working out with a personal trainer was for me – I thought personal trainers were for people who were: 1) younger, 2) in better shape than me with a home gym full of equipment, and 3) who liked being ordered around by a drill sergeant. I was SO wrong! I’ve since learned that: 1) you can vastly improve your fitness level at ANY age, 2) Min can design a program just for you no matter what your fitness level is, regardless of whatever equipment you do/do not have, and 3) Min is an upbeat, positive person who gently, but persistently, encourages me to push past whatever limits I think I have to increasingly higher levels of strength and endurance!

I have never been in better shape since my 20’s, no wait – EVER – and I have more confidence and energy than I thought possible. Working out with Min has given me my life back! Using a personal trainer is the way to go and there is no one better than Min – she has the education and experience necessary to design a program tailored to your needs that will ensure that you avoid injury and safely increase your fitness level.

By the way, I DID complete that 26+ mile walk and am now setting new goals with Min!

-- Karen Hermann - Reston, Virginia

I was referred to Min about 10 months ago by a family member and she has changed my life. I was 31, overweight and out of shape and very much in need of fitness direction and motivation and Min has given me that plus more. Min is an excellent, caring, and experienced trainer and is also very knowledgeable in nutrition so you get the whole overall health package with her. Min truly cares about your goals, makes them her own and works with you to achieve them. The first day I met with Min, she took my measurements and we did a fitness test. I was only able to do 1 push up in 1 minute at the time and most of the other tests came out as poor or below average. We just recently re-ran the tests and I am now able to do 15 push ups in 1 minute and I moved up to average or above in the other tests! Not to mention that my body fat percentage dropped 11% and I’ve lost 5 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my waist! I look forward to my workouts with Min and also now enjoy working out on my own on the days we don’t meet. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and none of them even come close to Min. A number of people have told me how great I look and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without Min. I feel so good about myself now and I am so much healthier. Even though I have more work to do in order to make it to my goal, I know Min will be there for me the whole way. I have since referred another family member as well as a friend to Min and I tell anyone that will listen how great Min is. I would highly recommend Min to anyone.

-- Liz Lodge - Reston, Virginia

“I was skeptical about working out as I had severe lower back and neck issues due to an accident. But after working out with Min for about half a year, the pain decreased gradually and my body felt normal after a long time! It was a great feeling! I love working out with her. It is so much fun too. I was out of shape before the work outs but due to her excellent training now I have nice curves! Min not only teaches me good exercises but also how to live a healthy life. Wish her all the very best.”

Naoko Yanagi - Fairfax, Virginia

“I have known Min Quinn for almost 2 years and she has been the BEST personal trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with in the Fairfax, Virginia area!! She is a very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate trainer. Min has dedicated herself to help me train on my own. Before I met her I was in desperate need of rehabbing my injured right arm, right hip, & left knee. All of which today I can use without restriction or pain. I would highly recommend her services to anyone without reservation.”

-- Gloria Beaudry - Fairfax, Virginia

“Min is an extraordinary trainer and a skilled motivator. In the year and a half that I have trained with her she has varied our workouts so that I am constantly challenged and interested. Min challenges me to achieve my maximum potential while ensuring that I am not overstressing my body. She goes above and beyond to meet her client’s health needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for healthful results!”

-- Mary Lodge - Fairfax, Virginia

“I’ve exercised with various trainers over the past 15 years, and Min is by far the best. Her experience in training and her knowledge of anatomy, as well as her positive approach make her a great motivator and an outstanding trainer. I always look forward to my workout sessions with her, and I’m thrilled with the results!”

Donna Glaus - Oakton, Virginia

“GET SLIM WITH MIN!” “I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to train with Min. She has so much experience and really cares about you and your goals. Working out with her is FUN! You don’t get bored ever because she knows so many different exercises that will really work for you if you stay focused. She’s truly a professional fitness trainer and after you workout with her nobody else compares! She’s very friendly and has very sweet personality, but don’t let that fool you, she’ll make you work hard and push you to your limits!! My body has really transformed, I feel stronger and look better too 😉 “

Paloma J. Raika, Zumba Instructor, Fairfax, Virginia

A single moment can change your life. And so my life was changed the moment I began working with Min. For years I had tried to “get in shape” via exercise classes, gym work outs, dieting, dvd workouts, all with limited success and very short term results. I even worked with other trainers but I did not see or feel the results. Finally I began working with Min and I knew that I was on my way to success. Min works with you to identify your goals, she develops a customized work out for you, which is constantly evolving as your strength and endurance improves. She is motivational and encourages you to constantly work harder and to perform in ways that you never dreamed you could. I especially appreciate her unfailing dedication to ensuring proper form in all exercises. That is one of the most important factors in succeeding. It’s easy to go thru the motions and think you are working hard, but learning the proper form intensifies the workout and brings incredible results, not to mention preventing injuries.

I am in my mid 40’s and am now in the absolute best shape of my life. I have gained muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, overall improved general health, more energy and I even sleep better! But let’s be frank, we’re in it for more than the health benefit, we want to look good too. Working with Min and following her “homework” routines, I have lost weight, inches, dress sizes, and have totally re-shaped my body in the process. It just doesn’t get any better!

I have referred Min to several friends and they echo my comments – Min has changed their lives too.

So if you want to maximize your strength, endurance, weight loss, flexibility and inches lost, there is one easy answer.

You get the Max with Min!!

Alice C. - Ashburn, Virginia

I began training with Min Quinn in January 2009 and from our first consultation I knew that Min would put my needs first. Her professionalism has always impressed me as well as her knowledge in nutrition and physical therapeutic exercises. She knows how to work your body to its fullest potential and always finds different ways to work a body part so that your mind is engaged and your body never bored! My body has increased in strength and I feel and look great!

Min’s professionalism, knowledge in weight training, and her constant encouragement sets her apart from others in her field. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you will see great results and gain a wonderful friend/mentor.

Thank you Min!

-- Jennifer Schneider - Fairfax, Virginia

I contacted Min after hearing rave reviews from my cousin…and my life has not been the same since! With Min’s professional coaching and motivation, I went from being a couch potato to being in the best shape of my life. I had struggled with finding the time to workout in the past, but now I make it a priority and I realize the impact working out has on my overall health. Min has helped me to become a more balanced, strong, and positive person. I really look forward to meeting with her each week and she keeps things fun and challenging. The other rewards of working with Min are the measurable results, I’ve lost inches in the double digits from all over my body and my body fat has decreased significantly! I have never felt so great! Min’s passion for health and fitness is contagious! She is amazing!

Catherine Williams - Reston, Virginia

Training for Health is exactly the type of program I was looking for. I am an active retired Senior and wanted some type of class to help improve and maintain upper and lower body strength, range of motion and flexibility. The well equipped facility provides a pleasant and calm workout. Min’s quiet pleasant manner and her professional knowledge of exercise and the body will benefit all. Min has also been very helpful in counseling me to more healthful eating habits, and provided an exercise program to follow at home between visits.

Beverly McCoy - Chantilly, Virginia

“I am so impressed with Min’s careful preparation of work out plans for me.  She first learns about MY goals, my physical needs, and my daily routines.  She plans work outs to meet both my goals and that make sure I don’t injure myself.  This is so important, as I have become injured through plans from other “hard-headed” trainers.  She has helped me visualize how I should complete the work out exercises, even helping me draw pictures so I don’t forget!!!  And, if I forget something or have a question she is available to answer questions.  I am a self-starter, and am very motivated to exercise, but I have limited time, and the plans she prepares fit those parameters, too.  I agree that she is the best trainer I have found in Northern Virginia.”

-- Karen B. - Herndon, Virginia