A single moment can change your life. And so my life was changed the moment I began working with Min. For years I had tried to “get in shape” via exercise classes, gym work outs, dieting, dvd workouts, all with limited success and very short term results. I even worked with other trainers but I did not see or feel the results. Finally I began working with Min and I knew that I was on my way to success. Min works with you to identify your goals, she develops a customized work out for you, which is constantly evolving as your strength and endurance improves. She is motivational and encourages you to constantly work harder and to perform in ways that you never dreamed you could. I especially appreciate her unfailing dedication to ensuring proper form in all exercises. That is one of the most important factors in succeeding. It’s easy to go thru the motions and think you are working hard, but learning the proper form intensifies the workout and brings incredible results, not to mention preventing injuries.

I am in my mid 40’s and am now in the absolute best shape of my life. I have gained muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, overall improved general health, more energy and I even sleep better! But let’s be frank, we’re in it for more than the health benefit, we want to look good too. Working with Min and following her “homework” routines, I have lost weight, inches, dress sizes, and have totally re-shaped my body in the process. It just doesn’t get any better!

I have referred Min to several friends and they echo my comments – Min has changed their lives too.

So if you want to maximize your strength, endurance, weight loss, flexibility and inches lost, there is one easy answer.

You get the Max with Min!!