I was referred to Min about 10 months ago by a family member and she has changed my life. I was 31, overweight and out of shape and very much in need of fitness direction and motivation and Min has given me that plus more. Min is an excellent, caring, and experienced trainer and is also very knowledgeable in nutrition so you get the whole overall health package with her. Min truly cares about your goals, makes them her own and works with you to achieve them. The first day I met with Min, she took my measurements and we did a fitness test. I was only able to do 1 push up in 1 minute at the time and most of the other tests came out as poor or below average. We just recently re-ran the tests and I am now able to do 15 push ups in 1 minute and I moved up to average or above in the other tests! Not to mention that my body fat percentage dropped 11% and I’ve lost 5 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my waist! I look forward to my workouts with Min and also now enjoy working out on my own on the days we don’t meet. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and none of them even come close to Min. A number of people have told me how great I look and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without Min. I feel so good about myself now and I am so much healthier. Even though I have more work to do in order to make it to my goal, I know Min will be there for me the whole way. I have since referred another family member as well as a friend to Min and I tell anyone that will listen how great Min is. I would highly recommend Min to anyone.