As a 45 yr old breast cancer survivor, I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 5th year of being cancer free – the 26+ Exercisemile Avon 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer in May. When I made that decision last fall, I was fiercely determined but I had no idea how I would be able to make that dream a reality. I was walking a day or two a week, but I was out of shape and I knew that nothing I had done in the past would get me ready for this challenge. When a friend referred me to Min, I wasn’t sure if working out with a personal trainer was for me – I thought personal trainers were for people who were: 1) younger, 2) in better shape than me with a home gym full of equipment, and 3) who liked being ordered around by a drill sergeant. I was SO wrong! I’ve since learned that: 1) you can vastly improve your fitness level at ANY age, 2) Min can design a program just for you no matter what your fitness level is, regardless of whatever equipment you do/do not have, and 3) Min is an upbeat, positive person who gently, but persistently, encourages me to push past whatever limits I think I have to increasingly higher levels of strength and endurance!

I have never been in better shape since my 20’s, no wait – EVER – and I have more confidence and energy than I thought possible. Working out with Min has given me my life back! Using a personal trainer is the way to go and there is no one better than Min – she has the education and experience necessary to design a program tailored to your needs that will ensure that you avoid injury and safely increase your fitness level.

By the way, I DID complete that 26+ mile walk and am now setting new goals with Min!