“I am a very difficult person.  I will be the first to admit it.  Yet Min was incredibly good at keeping me motivated.  She also takes a complete approach and guides you in better eating habits.  You don’t even see it coming, she just sneaks it all in while you are working out but constantly gives you tips and advice for eating and living better.  She has a low threshold for excuses, so you need to commit.  But if you do, and you follow her instructions, you will get healthier quick.  I lost 10 lbs. in a month and a half.  No starvation, just better eating and hard workouts.  And she is so nice and friendly you can’t even be mad at her for the soreness after the first few workouts.  If I still lived in the area, I would still be using her terrific services.  I feel so much better after the workouts that I would go without cable before I would go without her workouts. To be fair though, after working out and feeling healthier, I don’t really want to hang out in front of the TV anyways :)”