What happens in my initial consultation?

Your first session with a trainer is crucial to setting you up for success. Many people begin an exercise program with high hopes but discontinue their programs after only a couple months. This is usually because their exercise program is not right for their goals, fitness needs, or lifestyles. That’s why your COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation […]

What does a Personal Trainer do?

Personal trainers are highly skilled and nationally certified, and have many roles when working with clients. Your personal trainer will serve as a coach, teacher and motivator. It is the personal trainer’s job to assess your current physical and mental state, establish very specific goals, design an individualized program, and do whatever it takes to […]

How should I prepare for a personal training session?

The first and foremost pre-workout tip is to make sure you have sufficient water before beginning your workout session. Hydrating throughout the day is preferred over drinking large amounts of water immediately before your session. Have a balanced – protein, carb, fat – light meal or snack 60-90 prior, such as yogurt and berries, banana […]

What happens in a typical personal training session?

Each session starts off with a brief discussion to ensure you are staying on track (diet, training alone, etc.) Every individual’s training sessions are different based upon their goals, but most programs consist of a light warm-up and stretching, 40-55 minutes of resistance training, followed by a cool down and stretching period. Depending on the […]

How do I get started?

Contact Min by phone at 703-286-9818 or by email for more information on next steps for a program that best suits your personal fitness goals.